8 Bamboo Charcoal Bags size 7" x 3.5"

8 Bamboo Charcoal Bags size 7" x 3.5"
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Never rely on chemical to remove bad odor. Some of those chemcials are harmful to the body. Bamboo charcoal is the most efficient and environmental friendly substance to give you odor free. It's all natrual and chemical free. NISPIRA bamboo charcoal bag will also help remove moisture from air to keep environment dry. The application of the NISPIRA charcoal bag is extensive. It an be used for car interior, refrigerator, wardrobe, shoes rack or anywhere needs to be dry and odor free. It's reusable - simply leave the bag under the sun for an hour and the bag will be ready to reuse. Suggested to perform once a month to keep the high efficiency. Bag Size: 7" x 3.5". 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed. Quality meets or exceeds leading national brands. Quantity: 8 bags



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