Why Is It Important to Change the Air Purifier Filter on Time?

July 11, 2024 3 min read

Why Is It Important to Change the Air Purifier Filter on Time?

To maintain the finest air conditioning, you must change the air purifier filter very often, which is key for encouraging better health and extending the gadget's lifespan. Replacing the Air Purifier filter regularly can guarantee clean, fresh, and healthier air for the living environment.

Small particles like dander, bacteria, allergens, and dust can travel freely around your room and home, causing Indoor Air Pollution. Smoking, Cooking, body products, and baths trap air pollutants in your room and home, resulting in bad air quality; cleaning products, candles, paint, wood stoves, and fireplaces can also influence indoor air quality. Formaldehyde is a harmful pollutant that might exist in building materials in your home, but some air purifiers are designed to remove it from the air.

Let's look at the four benefits of changing your air purifier filter on a routine basis.

  1. Usage of Less Electricity for Eco-friendly Environment
  2. It promotes good air quality.
  3. Helps good and longer lifespan for air purifiers.
  4. Helps to remove possibly every bad air source.

How often do you change the air purifier filter? 

It is suggested that every 12 months, you change your air purifier filter. Within one year, HEPA filters can be replaced. If you face a lot of indoor air pollution while running your air purifier regularly, you may need to change the filter more frequently. Living in the city center or near the road can easily cause more pollution and worsen if you live somewhere that experiences wildfire or extremely hot seasons. Replacing an indicator with the behavior of color change is not mandatory. After being active for a short time, HEPA filters might look dark, but they will work nicely. As you expect continual airflow, the filter is doing its job. Anyways, bills on higher power and decreased airflow indicate that your cleaner is working hard and being blocked by a clogged filter.

 Having Pets Can Add to The Trouble

If you have pets experiencing allergy or asthma symptoms, you may need to change your air filter more regularly. Examine their type to know when to replace the old air filters with new ones. Within 3 to 6 months, Air Purifiers with activated carbon filters will need to be cleaned. Wash in 1 month for the pre-filter and change it in 3 months. Ignoring the alert messages from your air purifier for an air filter replacement can cause greater damage to your air purifier, leading to a huge amount. Make time to change the filter quickly to ensure your machine properly cleans the air around you. 

How do you know your air purifier needs a filter replacement?

The fiberglass filter needs to be replaced every month. Swapping them regularly demands expenses, but they are a low-cost option. Pleated polyester filters are better at catching particles but are more expensive and last just as long as fiberglass. People like to replace their air purifier filters every one to six months, but HEPA filters can last six months or so. Electrostatic air filters can last years, whereas activated carbon filters can last three to six months. Once again, the condition of your room and home, as well as the model of the air purifier, will vary these estimates.

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How often do you change the air purifier filter so that it continuously cleans well? 

All Air Purifiers keep dust particles, dander, and pollutants away from your room and home. But they may not function well if the filter is clogged. Modern air purifiers have a red light indicator so the user knows when the filter needs replacement. By any chance, if you have missed or forgot to change it, look at the following points. You will notice these things for sure:

  •  Weakened airflow from the machine
  •  A grey and dirty-looking filter
  •  Worsening allergy or asthma symptoms
  • Not recalling when did you change the filter last
  • Musty or moldy odors in the air
  • Unusual noises coming from the air purifier
  •  Increased dust around the home or office
  • Unusual results
  • More pet dander moving around

What happens when you install a Nispira air purifier air filter?

Nispira relieves you from such issues. The air purifier of Nispira does not demand frequent changes. It ensures that you never have to inhale the impure air. 

To sum up

The whole idea behind having an air purifier is to have pure air in your surroundings. Compromising with them at any cost is something you may not prefer, so sticking to Nispira might help!

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