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Water Pitcher Dispenser Filter Replacement Compatible with NFP-100 Removes Chlorine, Lead, Odor, Color 3pk

  • Nispira premium water filter cartridge compatible with water pitcher NFP-100
  • 4 stages filtration: Re-sediment filter reduce visible dirt and sediments from the water. Ion exchange resin removes lead, heavy metal and chemical. It helps reduce the hardness of the water. Activated carbon removes chlorine, contaiminants and any odor from the water. Post filter removes any residue left in the water.
  • Each filter can produce about 150 gallon of fresh drinking water. Filter Size: 3.85" x 2.85" x 0.85"
  • Easy to install. Filter is designed to improve to flow rate in the pitcher and produce the better quality of water
  • 3 filters included. Quality meets or exceeds leading national brands
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