Common Air Purifier Filter Problems and How to Fix Them

junio 05, 2024 3 min read

Common Air Purifier Filter Problems and How to Fix Them

What is an Air Purifier?

"What if I breathe but breathe the air that let me die? " There is a solution to this problem- Air purifiers! They are machines that help to keep the air at your home germ-free. It also assists in keeping your family well from the outside air, which is polluted and hence not good for your health. Air purifiers preserve your loved ones safe from harmful allergens and impurities of outside air. It keeps the air inside your home healthy. Air purifiers might malfunction sometimes. Will those problems be tricky? Here are some of the common air purifier problems that may occur and ways to fix them.

Common Filter Problems and How to Fix Them

  • Clogged Filters

If you want your air purifier to work smoothly, it is very important to replace the filters promptly. It helps to avoid getting your air purifiers clogged with pet hairs, dust, and other air particles, leading to malfunction and slowing them. If not treated on time, it can damage your air purifier. However, you can easily take care of the clogged filters. Simply clean and wash them. If the clogging is beyond cleaning, replace them with new filters.

Lack of Proper Air Flow 

We all know that if there is an issue with the airflow of an Air Purifier, then it is of no use. There can be several reasons behind the improper airflow in air purifiers. Let us check them one by one: 

  1. Not removing the filter packaging: There can be a shortage of airflow if you do not remove the filter packaging before putting it to use, so remove it as soon as possible.
  2. Right fan speed setting: Your Air purifier should be on a higher setting for proper airflow. Putting it on auto mode is always advisable.
  3. Proper distance: Place it at a distance of 15 cm from all objects and walls for proper airflow and functioning of your air purifier. 


Overheating can occur by filter blockage, faulty power service, and collapsing internal parts. Overheating can cause your Air purifier to stop working permanently. If it happens with your one, contact a servicing center before it causes serious damage to your cleaner.

  •  Hearing Unusual Noises While Your Air Purifier Is Running

Unusual noises from your air purifier could be due to an object stuck inside the filter or because the filter wasn't correctly installed in the air purifier. Ensure the filter is installed properly and sits in the cover perfectly. If anything is stuck in the machine, do not open the air purifier yourself; turn it off and contact a professional for help.  
  •  Foul Smell Coming From The Air Purifier

The strange smell can be because of the odor of either smoke inside or outside. The air purifier transmits clean and fresh air into your house, so naturally, it needs to be repaired if you smell something strange. Here are steps to take before using the Air purifier: 

  1. Before and after using your air purifier, open your place's doors and windows for more than 30 minutes for proper ventilation.
  2. While using your air purifier, try not to open the entrance door and windows so the system can run properly.
  3. Installing an exhaust in your house's kitchen is always a good idea. It helps to eliminate any smell arising from cooking. 
  • Defective Motor

If you see a problem in your Air purifier's motor or if it stops working, it can be due to overuse. Booking an appointment with a professional or expert is best as you can get a clear view of whether your air purifier needs to be repaired or if you need to purchase a new one so that you do not spend your money unnecessarily.
  • Irregular Maintenance

To properly maintain the air cleaner you are using, it is advisable to schedule a visit by a professional for your air purifier at least twice a year so your system runs smoothly. In case of negligence, you will encounter issues like malfunctioning motors, clogged filters, dirty cleaners, and many others that will affect its whole function.

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