Nispira Extractor Foam Recovery Tank Cup Filter Compatible with SteamVac Vacuum Cleaner F5800 Series 440007364, 6 Pack

  • Nispira Foam Filter for Recovery Tank Cup Compatible with Vac F5800 series
  • Compatible model list: C3820, FH50015, , F5914-900,, F5915-900,, F5917-900, , F5918-900,, FH50045, , F5835-900, F5915-100, FH50046, F5893900, FH50025, FH50026, FH50044, FH50047, F5843900, F5909900, F5900900, F5858-910, F5853-900, , F5809, F5912900, FH50042, F5808, FH50027, FH50043 , FH50140, F5915905
  • Fh50150, FH50028, FH50041, FH50048CA, FH50130, FH50151, FH50152, FH50153, F5805, F5815, F5825, F5837-900, F5837-960, F5839-900, F5851, F5859, F5865-900, F5867-900, F5868-900, F5869-960, F5869-990, F5883-900, F5883-960, F5883-990, F5884-900, F5884-980, F5903-900, F5904-900, F5905-900, F5910-900, FH50141, FH50258.
  • It replaces the original part number Part s#440007364, 38762014 and 90001398
  • Washable and easy to install. 6 Filters included. Quality meets or exceeds leading national brand's