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Nispira Filter Panels Replacement for RCX70101PAK2 Robotic Pool Cleaner TigerShark 4 Pk


Nispira ultra fine cartridge filter panels compatible with Robotic Pool  500 Series.
Compared to original part RCX70101 or RCX70101PAK2 for pack of 4
Reusable: Simply rinse the dirt off the filters and let them dry so they’re ready for the next use.
Ultra fine synthetic filter fabric in pleat captures sediment and any debris, dirt, & grime from your pool to keep the water clean and bring you peace of mind. It also comes with ABS plastic frame to make the filter durable.
A Pack of 4 filters included. Dimension 11.5" x 6.75" x 0.62".

**Estimated Restocking date: June 09, 2023