Nispira Pre Motor Foam Felt Filter Replacement For Shark Zero-M Ultra-Light Rocket Corded Stick Vacuum | HV345 ZS350 ZS350C ZS351 ZS351C ZS352 | XPMFK320 1084FTV320


Item Package Quantity
  • Foam and felt pre motor filter Kit compatible with rocket corded stick vacuum
  • Compared with the original part XPMFK320 & 1084FTV320
  • The filter set help block the dust, dirt, and debris to get inside motor and other componenets. Filters made with high performance material. Washable and re-usable.
  • Compatible model: HV319QBK, HV319QBL, HV319QR, HV320, HV320C, HV320W, HV321, HV321C, HV322, HV322BL, HV322GD, HV322Q, HV322QBK, HV322QBL, HV322QF, HV322QGN, HV323, HV324Q, HV324QBK, HV324QBL, HV324QCB, HV324QF, HV324QPR, HV325, HV343AMZ, HV345, HV380, HV380C, HV380W, HV381, HV381C, HV381QBL, HV381QPR, HV381QRD, HV382, HV382BRN, HV383, HV384QBL, HV384QP, HV384QR, HV401, QS360QBL, QS360QGN, QS360QPL, QS360QRD, QS360QS, UV345CCO, UV380, UV380BRN, UV422CCO, UV425CCO, UV480, ZS341, ZS350, ZS350C, ZS351, ZS351AC, ZS351C, ZS351QBK, ZS351QBL, ZS351QPR, ZS351QRD, ZS352, ZS352C, ZS360, ZS360C, ZS361, ZS361C, ZS362, ZS364QAB, ZS364QEB, ZS364QP, ZS364QR, ZS364QS
  • 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed. Quality meets or exceeds leading national brands.

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