Nispira Filter E Compatible with Holmes Odor Grabber Air Purifier HAP116Z, HAP115Z, HAP116Z-U. Part HAPF115, AOR115, AOR118, HAPF115PDQ-U8, HAPF115PDQ-U

Item Package Quantity
  • Nispira premium filter compatible with air purifier model HAP115Z, HAP116Z-U and HAP116Z
  • Higher quality with Aluminum frame. Compared to part no. HAPF115, AOR115, AOR118, HAPF115PDQ-U8, HAPF115PDQ-U
  • Filter helps deodorize unfavorable smells for maximum comfort and freshness.
  • Activated carbon inside help reduce unpleasant household odors generated by pets, cooking and more from air passing through the filter.
  • Approx Dimension: 6" x 5.75 x 0.4". Suggested to replace every 6 months for optimized performance

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Customer Reviews

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Eric Horst
Exactly what was needed

My Holmes purifier model is no longer made, with replacement filters no longer available in local retail stores. The purifier is still in good condition, so the filters obtained from Nispira are very useful.

Melissa G.
I sleep with this by

I sleep with this by my head and it really helps