Nispira Air Grease Filters Replace GE microwave range hood WB06X10596


Item Package Quantity
Premium grease and air filter designed by NISPIRA to fit different GE and Hotpoint for Oven range hoods, countertop microwave for Ovens and over the range (OTR) microwave for Ovens. It replaces GE part WB06X10596.
It fits models: GE EVM1750DMBB01, GE JVM1850DMBB01, GE JVM1440SH03, GE JVM1440BH, GE JVM1740DM2CC, GE JVM1650CH04, GE JVM1750SMSS, GE JVM1750DMCC01, GE EVM1750DMWW01, GE JVM1850DMCC01, GE JVM1440WH, GE JVM1440BH04, GE JVM1740DM2WW, GE JVM1650SH, GE JVM1750SMSS01, GE JVM1750DMWW01, GE EVM1750SMSS01, GE JVM1850DMWW01, GE JVM1440WH04, GE JVM1440LK02, GE JVM1740DMBB01, GE JVM1650WH04, GE JVM1850BH05, GE JVM1750SM1SS, GE JNM1541SNSS, GE JVM1850SH05, GE JVM1441SH03, GE JVM1440SH, GE JVM1740DMCC01, GE JVM1740DM2BB, GE JVM1850CH05, GE JVM1750SM2SS, GE JVM1430BD, GE JVM1850SMSS01, GE JVM1540DNBBM, GE JVM1850WH05, GE JVM1740DMWW01, GE JVM1870SK02, GE JVM1850DM2BB, GE PVM1870SM1SS, GE JVM1430BD03, GE RVM1635BJ01, GE JVM1540DNWWM, GE JVM1870BF05, GE JVM1740SM2SS, GE JVM1870SK03.