Nispira 4-In-1 True HEPA Activated Carbon Filter Replacement For Pure Air Purifier PEAIRCYL 2 Pack

  • Premium 4-in-1 True HEPA filter replacement with Activated Carbon for air purifier PEAIRCYL
  • Compatible with model PEAIRCYL
  • 4 Stages Filtration: Preliminary filter prevents any large particles such as hair, debris, pet fur etc getting side the air purifier. It helps extend the filter life span. Anti-bacteria blue filter inhibits growth of bacteria. High quality HEPA filter capture 99.97% of airborne particles down to 0.3 microns. Activated Carbon captures household unfavorable Odors & harmful VOCs.
  • 2 filters included. Suggest replacing the filter every 6 months the most to optimize the performance.
  • Size 11.6" x 9.2" x 9.1". Quality meets or exceeds the leading brand