Nispira Retro Ice Cold Brew Dripping Coffee Maker Tower, 600ml in Wooden (BD-7)



Classic cold brew coffee set makes max 600 ml ice Coffee to serve 5 - 8 people. Whole set comes with 3 different parts. Top glass container for the ice or cold water. Middle filter glass with adjustable valve controls water dripping. Bottom glass container for finely brew ice coffee. Wooden body frame for supporting the full set. Model no. BD-7

Here’s some basic parameters for setting up the brew.

  • How Much Coffee? As always, this is according to taste, but in our ice drip coffee tower, we like a ratio of 12g of coffee per 120ml (4oz) of brewed coffee. The carafe in the tower unit holds about half a liter, so we use about 60g of ground coffee.

  • What Grind? Again, you can tinker with this a bit depending on the type of coffee you’re using and how strong you want the resulting coffee to be, but we always start with a normal drip grind and adjust it a bit finer depending on the coffee used.

  • What Type of Ice? Since water makes up almost all the brewed elixir, you want the best quality ice you can use. Don’t use grocery-store bags of ice, and don’t use ice that’s been in a tray in the freezer for months on end. Use fresh ice possibly made with filtered water and add cold filtered water as your starter in the brew.

  • What Drip Speed to Use? A lot of ice drip coffee manuals we’ve seen suggest a drip speed of around 1 drip every 1.5 seconds or so. We’ve tried brews doing 2 drips per second, all the way to 1 drip every 5 seconds, and find the 1.5 second per drip ratio (about 40 drips per minute) to be a good starting point. You also want to go back to the brewer midway through its brew, since the lower water volumes in the top carafe may require an adjustment on the drip time mechanism to speed things up a bit and maintain the 40 drips per minute speed.

  • How to Dilute? By the time an ice drip brewer is done its thing, the resulting elixir is a lot closer to room temperature than it is to freezing temperatures. To get it cold again, you can do several things – put the carafe in the fridge (or transfer the brew to another jug you put in the fridge), or just pour some into a glass right away and add a lot of ice. Each method provides a different dilution amount because of the elixir’s staring temperature. Like anything else in coffee, do it to your preferred taste but here’s some starting parameters: room temperature elixir – fill glass with ice, pour in concentrate, add sweetener if desired, stir; refrigerated elixir – add ice cubes, cold water, sweetener (if desired), stir.

Customer Reviews

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Wonderful little contraption. It makes delicious slow-made cold brew. I have also made some killer espresso. I highly recommend it.

Johan Zamoscianyk
Love it

This was bought as a Birthday present for my daughter.
She loves it.

Mauricio Zamarripa

I haven’t received yet!

Janelle Abbott
Any Customer Service?

We received the 3 Cold Brew Towers in time for Christmas and everyone liked them. I have called twice now to order a replacement part as it seems the small filter disk was accidentally throw away, but no one has contacted me regarding this. Very frustrating. -Janelle Abbott -- [****]