Busting Water Purification Myths: What's True and What's Not

May 01, 2024 3 min read

Busting Water Purification Myths: What's True and What's Not

Water seems to be an inseparable part of our day-to-day life, but water purity has been the major topic of concern throughout. Many people are still unsure if water purification is still the need of the hour or not. What do you think? Will you install it as a necessity is a common question that you need to answer throughout? There are people who believe the water extracted from water purifiers makes us unhealthy.  Nispira.com brings important topic to discuss to bust myths of Water Purification system across various communities.

There are many questions, or we can say myths, associated with a water purifier, especially how it is superior to boiled water. To start with the first one, let us discuss the need for water purification above boiled water. You must have come across people discussing if they are drinking only boiled water and why they should install water purification. So, do you have an answer? Let us check these water purifier-related myths one by one:

Boiling water or Water Purifier- which one will you choose?

Boiling water can surely turn the water pure, but it has a limit. It cannot be claimed to be 100% pure to consume. Only a few bacteria and viruses can go away when you boil water, but what about the other contaminants in it? Your drinking water needs more care than this. Boiling is never a complete solution because what appears clean and transparent to you is actually not pure. It may still have several chemicals and harmful metals, including fluoride, chlorine, lead, mercury, arsenic, etc. This type of water needs to undergo different purification stages that only good water purifiers like Nispira have to offer. If you compare the price of each liter, it will be lower. It's comparatively lower than what you end up paying for boiling the water.

TDS-related myth always remains with Water Purifier

Some people say that RO water completely removes the TDS. Hence, they avoid using it, but do you know it is completely untrue? RO water only deals with excessive quantities of TDS and still preserves a good part of it. You should never drink water that has a high amount of salt and TDS. They are harmful to your health. At the same time, scientists regard water with too low TDS to have no adverse effect on one's health. When the excess TDS enters your body, it becomes salty, unpleasant, and unhealthy to drink. You will benefit from several health benefits if you consume RO-purified water. Have you heard anything else besides these TDS issues discussed here?

Water Purifier is Equivalent to No Healthy Mineral Liquid

Have you heard people saying water from a water purifier is just a fluid with no minerals or nutrients? I am sure you will agree with me that there is a commotion of such thoughts around us, but is it true? Not at all! Nispira's range of water purifiers helps preserve the needed magnesium and calcium in the water you intend to drink directly or indirectly. The water they purified has several additional benefits that we are unaware of. It ensures that water that reaches out to us has immunity benefits with improved digestion.  

Myth: You will Pay a Lot if You Own a Water Purifier

Excessive maintenance charges are something every user wants to get rid of, and most people believe these water purifiers snatch a lot from their pockets. The users know it well that it is completely false. Some people consider it a health saver, and people like me consider it a one-time investment. If you compare it with the other processes of water purification, you will find them too economical and satisfactory. You need maintenance once or twice a year, depending upon the amount of water you need regularly and the kind of water your locality has. Water purifiers actually help save your hard-earned money indirectly. 

Wrapping Up

Water purifiers are essential in a polluted world where everything is contaminated. Consuming dirty or polluted water may push you towards an unhealthy lifestyle. Waterborne diseases are common and can slowly add uneasiness. We all dreamt of being healthy, and a water purifier is the right step towards it. Which one you have decided to buy by now? Do not forget to check the ones that Nispira has to offer - explore our wide range of water purifier filters that keeps your family healthy.