Pure Water, Pure Health: The Benefits You Didn't Know

May 14, 2024 3 min read

Pure Water, Pure Health: The Benefits You Didn't Know

What exactly is pure water? There is much confusion when it comes to defining pure water. People consider pure water as the plain water that is available in nature. But is it sufficient? No! It has more than what you can imagine. We need to check the source from where it is coming. The water source that completes the process of getting rid of any possible impurities is considered eligible for purity. Eventually, you can conclude that the term natural water may sound attractive, but what you actually earn through purified water is huge. To talk about pure water, the list may get vast, but how do we miss discussing distilled water? 

Process of Purifying Water

Have you come across the term carbon filtration? You need to use this process for water purification. In this, you will find a microporous process for filtration with ultraviolet oxidation. Sometimes, only one process is not enough, and you need to undergo more than one purification process. You need to utilize more than one method to grab optimal purified water. 

The utility of pure water when it comes to drinking and cooking is enormous. Laboratories and research cannot proceed without purified water to deliver accurate results. There is much research going on to make this process a better one. 

Different types of purified water

  • Deionized Water

Deionized water can be put on the same parameter as distilled water but with a slight difference. The final output is not that expensive. To be precise, it has no minerals like copper, ions, calcium and iron. The whole process involves ion exchanges responsible for removing all the available mineral salts. It is highly economical compared to carbon filtration and is still commonly used to purify water. 

  • Distilled Water

This is the water you get in the packaged form in any nearby shops. The water produced is via the process of distillation. Here, the water is put to boil first, and the steam produced is collected in a clean, hygienic container while ensuring no contamination remains. The producers sterilize the whole reservoir before using it so that the final water has no bacteria in it. 

Advantages of pure water

Better taste and improved health benefits

Drinking or using water that has no trace of impurities or contamination is all we wish to add to our glass. Heard of Nispira water purifier that provides the water which is completely pure and tastes well. You can enjoy the most refreshing taste if the water is completely pure. The chosen filtration system should have no bacteria, viruses, or parasites. You do not want to sip water with these things, for sure. Pure water has no pathogens like giardia so that you can enjoy the refreshing taste. 

Flawless and healthy skin

Just calculate the amount you spend on cosmetics to get that hydrated, flawless skin! Surprised! You do not need to spend so much if you consume pure water. Pure water directly helps in skin moisturization by increasing circulation. The stoppage of dehydration also allows your skin to breathe like never before. 


Pure water consumption is essential to maintain balanced nutrition. As per a survey, a man can survive on water for a month without eating but can die of dehydration. Water comprises 2/3rd of our body, and consuming sufficient water removes the toxins present in our body. It also helps remove waste from the body while maintaining its temperature. 

Relaxation from Joint pain issues

The painful joint is every next-door story, but do you know it happens when the water supply is less than what is essential for our body system? It is not confined to any age limit. People consume painkillers to control their pain, which only makes the situation worse. Every second person takes the painkillers without consulting a doctor and hence ends up ruining the situation. In the initial stage, an orthopaedic always recommends water and salt intake to control the pain that starts through joint pain or osteoporosis. 

Wrapping up

Nispira water purifier brings all the solutions and delivers pure water with all the health benefits to the user. Try them today to experience the purity that you never had before!  Check out our range of kitchen water purifier filters, outdoor water purifier filters, water filters for pet