Nispira 2 Cabin Air Filters Replacement For CF10134 Honda Acura


NISPIRA Premium car cabin air filter replacement for part CF1013. It features with activated carbon in the filter to deodorize the air intake air flow used in heating and air conditioning systems while the filter itself improves the air quality by removing road dust, pollen, small particles. It significantly reduce allergic reactions and improve air quality in your car. Dimension: 9.6 x 9.2 x 1.5 inches.


Honda Genuine part # 80292-SDA-A01, 80292-SDC-A01, 80292-SEC-A01, 80292-SHJ-A41, 80292-SWA-A01, 80292-T0G-A01, 80292-TZ5-A41. Compatible Auto List: ACURA: CSX (2007-2011), ILX (2013-2015), RL (2005-2013), RLX (2014-2015), TL (2004-2014), TSX (2004-2014), ZDX (2010-2013), MDX (2007-2015), RDX (2007-2015). HONDA: Accord (2003-2015), Civic (2006-2015), Croostour (2012-2015), CR-V (2007-2015), Odyssey (2005-2015), Pilot (2009-2015), Ridgeline (2006-2014)

2 filters included. It is recommended that they be replaced on either an annual basis, or every 15,000 miles. Pleaes follow the vehicle manufacturer's recommended procedure for installation